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Tobigca is the world’s first hyperledger based social casino platform. It is a uniquely competitive online social casino platform with already up and running game contents, supported by highly efficient proprietary blockchain technology. In addition to integrating its game contents with blockchain technology, Tobigca’s team has structured the proprietary cryptocurrency ecosystem, best-suited for online social casino business, benefiting all participant in its ecosystem. Active participation is encouraged, as the reward system is designed and applied in line with the level of participants’ participation. Basically, the more participation leads to the more benefits. Tobigca plans to add more social casino game contents to complete the full-fledged social casino platform. Uniquely competitive two-tier blockchain-based (World Node/Game Node) game system : Tobigca has designed two-tier smart contract system to facilitate speedy, stable and safe game play environment. Highly rewarding proprietary cryptocurrency ecosystem : Tobigca has structured its proprietary ecosystem based upon smart contract to ensure transparent dividend policy. In addition, Tobigca’s dividend policy features extra benefits for more active participants in its ecosystem. Simply put, the more you participate, the more benefits you get!

RealTract RET

RealTract main objective is to create an improved version of Ethereum’s smartcontract- 2.0 SMARTCONTRACT : more functional, bridging blockchain and conventional technology to create true value. RealTract is a 4.0 BLOCKCHAIN with advanced technology that solves the issue of scalability and confirmation time of the existing blockchain technology


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