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Telos TLOS

Telos is a new blockchain network based on EOSIO software. Eos and Telos are both networks running the EOSIO software. Any smart contract that runs on one system should run equally well on the other. Telos has modified the Eos genesis snapshot and some rules to make the network more responsible to the majority of token holders, to be more attractive to DApp developers, and to generally run more responsively and sustainably. TLOS is the name of the token that reflects ownership in the Telos network. A TLOS token is like an EOS token except that there will be around 3X fewer TLOS tokens than EOS.


The Self Incentivized Network, aka 'SIN' GAMES, is a multifunctional gaming rewards platform utilizing blockchain technology and economic model to achieve innovative upgrade in the traditional gaming industry. SIN GAMES is disrupting the gaming industry by bringing the power of the crypto economy into the world of games without disturbing the already existing economic environment.


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