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Ripple is the catchall name for the cryptocurrency platform, the transactional protocol for which is actually XRP, in the same fashion as Ethereum is the name for the platform that facilitates trades in Ether. Like other cryptocurrencies, Ripple is built atop the idea of a distributed ledger network which requires various parties to participate in validating transactions, rather than any singular centralized authority. That facilitates transactions all over the world, and transfer fees are far cheaper than the likes of bitcoin. Unlike other cryptocurrencies, XRP transfers are effectively immediate, requiring no typical confirmation time. Ripple was originally founded by a single company, Ripple Labs, and continues to be backed by it, rather than the larger network of developers that continue bitcoin’s development. It also doesn’t have a fluctuating amount of its currency in existence. Where bitcoin has a continually growing pool with an eventual maximum, and Ethereum theoretically has no limit, Ripple was created with all of its 100 billion XRP tokens right out of the gate. That number is maintained with no mining and most of the tokens are owned and held by Ripple Labs itself — around 60 billion at the latest count. Even at the recently reduced value of around half a dollar per XRP, that means Ripple Labs is currently sitting on around $20 billion worth of the cryptocurrency (note: Ripple’s price crashed hard recently, and may be worth far less than $60 billion by time you read this). It holds 55 billion XRP in an escrow account, which allows it to sell up to a billion per month if it so chooses in order to fund new projects and acquisitions. Selling such an amount would likely have a drastic effect on the cryptocurrency’s value, and isn’t something Ripple Labs plans to do anytime soon. In actuality, Ripple Labs is looking to leverage the technology behind XRP to allow for faster banking transactions around the world. While Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are built on the idea of separating financial transactions from the financial organizations of traditional currencies, Ripple is almost the opposite in every sense. XRP by Ripple price can be found on this page alongside the market capitalization and additional stats.

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Med Chain aims to create a new trading lifestyle of C2M through the decentralization, non-tamperable and traceability of blockchain, combined with the actual situation of the e-commerce industry, reducing the transaction cost of consumers and improving the production efficiency of manufacturers. Globalized peer-to-peer trading is integrated into every aspect of life, and everyone can trade and everything can be traded. Peer-to-peer trading lifestyle: Med Chain expects to popularize C2M trading models into people's daily lives through blockchain technology, open up trust barriers between consumers and manufacturers, reduce trust costs, and achieve peer-to-peer customized e-commerce transactions. Global e-commerce bottom-level public chain: Med Chain expects to use POS and DPOS consensus mechanism to establish a global e-commerce transaction public chain, establish a transaction credit system based on blockchain technology, product copyright traceability system, intelligent payment system, and transaction after-sales arbitration system. The open data system is open to global developers, allowing blockchain technology to serve all walks of life in e-commerce.


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